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Hello from the Confused Coders !


Hi I am Nikita !

I am a greenhorn Data Science student with interest in finding patterns in data. My language of choice is Python and I am starting to get my hands dirty with R.

Please check my complete portfolio here:

Nikita Sharma | Data Science Student


I blog on Medium.com [1] and ConfusedCoders.com [2]. I share my code on Github.com [3].

1. https://medium.com/@nikkisharma536
2. https://confusedcoders.com/author/nikita
3. https://github.com/nikkisharma536



Hi I am Yash Sharma !

I am a Big Data & Machine Learning Engineer, and a newbie OpenSource contributor. I play guitar and enjoy teaching as part time hobby. Talk to me about Distributed Systems and Data platform designs.


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