Create / Update Drill storage plugin without drill browser UI – via rest api and curl request

Drill has got a great rest support and we can leverage the rest interface to create/update Drill Storage plugins via curl requests.

Request to create a new storage plugin –

curl -X POST -H “Content-Type: application/json” -d ‘{ “name”:”newplugin”, “config”:{“type”: “cassandra”, “host”: “localhost”, “port”: 9042, “enabled”: false}}’ http://localhost:8047/storage/newplugin.json

This creates a new plugin named newplugin for us.

This plugin can then be enabled by this get request –

curl -X GET http://localhost:8047/storage/newplugin/enable/true

We can now use the plugin as we would normally use in Drill.

More details on all other API support can be fetched from the code here –

Hope this small post was helpful.

Cheers \m/

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