What details should you put in your Mobile QA JIRA ticket

Dev and QA consistently face this issue of not being on the same page, or missing some details in the communication process of bug ticket filing. This causes un-necessary cycles between the dev and the QA.


So this is a quick post to summarise the top details that you should never miss from your JIRA ticket before sending it across.

  1. Title
  2. Priority
  3. Summary/Description
  4. Steps to reproduce
  5. Expected Result
  6. Actual Result
  7. Environment Detail
    1. Platform: Android/iOS
    2. OS version
    3. Brand
    4. Screen Size
    5. RAM
    6. Device type
    7. Test mode
  8. Screen shots
  9. How frequently is it reproducible: Always/Intermittently

Here is my JIRA ticket to show you the details.

Screenshot from 2018-04-28 21:33:26


If you are a Dev reading this post, please comment your thoughts and/or mention any other details you would like to see on the ticket.


Hope the post is helpful. Cheers


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