Nikita Sharma | Data Science Student

About me

I am a Greenhorn Data Science Student, and love reading and blogging about the challenges in Data Science. I love going to the Data Meetups and listening to the real world problems faced by experienced Data Scientists and how they manage to solve them.

I love sharing all my small learnings, and have recently given my first public talk at one of the local meetup to share my experience with AWS, EMR and Apache Spark.

I share all my work and code snippets on Github where it might be useful for other Data Science beginners. I blog on Medium about my data science journey and learnings.

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Portfolio highlights – my data adventures

  • Data Science intern at Hoolah
  • Pursuing Masters in Data Science
  • Blogging and Knowledge sharing experience
  • Public Speaking experience
  • Machine Learning and Data Science experience
  • All the code and projects i’ve worked on
  • Courses & Certifications
  • Contact details and Resume


Data Science Intern


Working on all things Data and Analytics at Hoolah, a FinTech startup. Hoolah provides instalment payments with zero interest. We are currently focused on online merchants in Singapore and expanding quickly across the Asia region and into physical stores too.


Pursuing Masters in Data Science


I started with the online MOOCs on and six months back. I got really immersed in the data challenges and solutions. I learned a lot from talking to many professionals at the Data Meetups. I decided that it would be worth investing another 2 years to build stronger foundations in the field that I am interested in. I am excited about the journey and am hoping to make better contributions to the domain. I hope to learn more from all the industry experts as I go through academics again.

I am pursuing my Masters in Data Science at University of Technology Sydney and am very excited about the journey.


Blogging and Knowledge sharing experience


ConfusedCoders is my personal blog for all my crazy experiments and knowledge sharing. I blog everything from Technical challenges to Life events here.

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Medium is one of the best medium (pun intended) to reach out to a wider technical audience. Its a great place to share cool concepts and to get feedback from other experts in the domain. Check out my blogs here.

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Public Speaking


I recently did my first ever Public Specking in a local meetup. The objective of public speaking is to open up my ideas to wider audience and to learn from the experienced Data Scientists and Data Engineers in the industry.

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Machine Learning and Data Science experience


I am exploring and enriching my knowledge on real world problems and datasets in Kaggle’s prediction challenges. I’ve recently reached the top 8% in one of Kaggle’s prediction challenges. The learning is still on. Please checkout my work on Kaggle here.

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All the Code and Projects


I share all my code on Github where it might be useful for other beginners in Data Science. I have worked on Data Engineering as well as Data Science challenges. Please have a look at my projects on Github.

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Courses & Certifications



Contact details and a copy of my resume


Please grab a copy of my resume if my work seems relevant to the challenges you are solving. I would love to discuss more.

Here is the direct link: Nikita-Data-Scientist

Contact details:

You can reach out to me at : <redacted>


Ending notes

I am very motivated and passionate in the Data Space. I’m new to the domain but I am working very hard to bridge the gap between my academic knowledge and the industry expectations.

I am a believer of knowledge sharing and am trying to do that via my Blogs and Meetup talks.

If my profile seems relevant to the opportunity at your team, I would love to discuss more.

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