Nikita Sharma | Greenhorn Data Science Student

About me

I am a Greenhorn Data Science Student looking for Internships / Part-time / grad opportunities. I have great interest in finding patterns in data. My language of choice is Python and I am starting to get my hands dirty with R.

I am starting my Masters in Data Science in 2019 at UTS. I share all my work and code snippets on Github where it might be useful for other Data Science beginners. I blog on Medium and on my personal blog about my data science journey and learnings. Currently actively involved on Kaggle Competitions, ranking in global top 30%  8% in one of the challenges.

I’ve recently given my first public talk at one of the local Meetups to share my experience with AWS, EMR and Spark.


Here is my Portfolio with all my data adventures

  • Blogging and Knowledge sharing experience
  • Machine Learning and Data Science experience
  • All the code and projects i’ve worked on
  • Public Speaking experience
  • Contact details and Resume


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Blogging and Knowledge sharing experience

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Machine Learning and Data Science experience

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All the Code and Projects

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Public Speaking experience

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A copy of my resume

Use this if clicking on image above doesn’t download the file. Here is the direct link: Nikita_Data_Scientist

Contact details

You can reach out to me here : | (+61) 403 970 566 | Sydney, Australia


Ending notes

I am very motivated and passionate in the Data Space. I’m new to the domain but I am working very hard to bridge the gap between my academic knowledge and the industry expectations.

I am a believer of knowledge sharing and am trying to do that via my Blogs and Meetup talks.

If my profile seems relevant to the opportunity at your team, I would love to discuss more.