Nikita Sharma | Data Science Student

About me

I am a Greenhorn Data Science Student, and love listening to the real world problems faced by experienced Data Scientists and how they manage to solve them. I love sharing all my small learnings via public talks at local meetup and conferences. Checkout my Linkedin profile for the latest updates on my Data adventures –

Work info: I am an Australian Permanent Resident, residing in Sydney.


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I am pursuing my Masters in Data Science at University of Technology Sydney and am very excited about the journey.




Public Speaking

I have done 3 Public Speaking sessions at local meetups and a conference. I like opening up my ideas to wider audience and to learn from the community of Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

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I am very motivated and passionate about the Data Space. I am a massive believer of knowledge sharing and am trying to do that via my Blogs and Meetup talks. If my profile seems relevant to the opportunity at your team, I would love to discuss more.

Resume: NikitaSharma_DataScientist