Unable to view EMR web interfaces: Tunnel all cluster ports on local port

We will have to create a tunnel from our local dev boxes to the EMR cluster. Couple of steps for tunneling the hadoop box’s ports to local box ports-

Add proxy settings in secondary browser (Firefox here):

I usually apply these settings on my secondary browser.

Old Firefox versions:

Edit > Preferences > Advanced Connections > Settings>

Goto : Manual proxy settings > Add localhost ip and port (9999) in the SOCKS settings:


New Firefox versions:

Goto: Edit > Preferences > General Settings > Network Proxy >


And add the following proxy settings:

Ssh to any box in cluster to any local port:

ssh -D 9999 -i </path/to/ssh-key.pem> hadoop@<ip address of master node>

Visit application on browser :

http://<master ip address>:8088/cluster/apps/RUNNING.  // With Destination IP and destination port.


Hope this crips post is useful. Cheers.

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